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The Frisky came up with this provocative Venn diagram:

Of those on their list . . .

I’d move Blade Runner, Fight Club, and Stand by Me over to “both.”  The source material for all three of those are solid, and the print versions do differ significantly enough from the films that reading them would enhance your thinking about the films.

I’d also shift Blindness to “both.”  The film is a lot better than most give it credit for.

I’d probably move Harry Potter from “both” over to “see the movie(s)” (though I’m sure hardcore Potter fans will have my head).

I am Legend, while I totally agree that the movie with that title was weak, is a film worth watching if you’ve read the book (especially with the original, better ending that they changed for theatrical release).  I think fans of the book should also see the two earlier adaptations


Modern Primate just published my short piece “(dis-)Regarding the Twilightization of The Hunger Games,” and I wanted to just add a few thoughts on the stereotypical young men like the redditor I mentioned.   He wrote:

“I feel like a couple months ago I heard about girls picking up the book once they saw the previews. Which is fine, same thing happened with twilight. The whole OMG I TOTALLY HAVE TO READ THE BOOK BEFORE I WATCH THE MOVIE, was annoying, but only girls were doing it so I just ignored it. Same thing started happening with the hunger games. Fine, whatever I don’t care I can just ignore it.

Fast forward to last night, I go out to a bar with my friends and we are all just talking, and every single person, including the guys, were talking about the hunger games. Everyone is making sure they have read the first book before they go watch the movie tomorrow at midnight. WTF? I apologize if the hunger games is your ultimate favorite book, but how did this craze happen? Guys that I hang out with that honestly go out drinking and barely pick up their books to study, I’m a college student, are now making sure they read the hunger games before they go see the movie. Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what in the world is going on. I feel alone in a sea of hunger games.”