I am a no-longer-young man foolishly pursuing a PhD in the humanities while the world falls apart.  I am also a dad and husband, gardener, permaculturist, survivalist/prepper, thing-fixer, explainer-guy (aka teacher), writing consultant and editor, and lots of other things.  This blog, which is a more restrained and limited version of other things that no longer live on, even in google’s cache, exists to air my thoughts on culture, literature, film, genre, comics, environmental degradation, economic/civilizational collapse, and politics. I try to write here at least once a week, and I would do it more if I weren’t busy cultivating and saving what is important in the world (which I don’t often like to write about).

If you’re curious about the strange title of the blog, read my first post.

If for some reason you need to contact me, my email is: ssb[underscore]nine-one-three[use numbers instead of words]@yahoo.com.


“Every daring attempt to make a great change in existing conditions, every lofty vision of new possibilities for the human race, has been labeled Utopian.” ~ Emma Goldman, “Socialism: Caught in the Political Trap” (1912?)

“For a moment they saw the nations of the dead, and, before they joined them, scraps of the untainted sky.”  ~ concluding lines to E.M. Forster’s prescient story “The Machine Stops” (1909)

“”If I were a younger man, I would write a history of human stupidity; and I would climb to the top of Mount McCabe and lie down on my back with my history for a pillow; and I would take from the ground some of the blue-white poison that makes statues of men; and I would make a statue of myself, lying on my back, grinning horribly, and thumbing my nose at You Know Who.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Cat’s Cradle (1963)

  1. Like you I prefer to use a pseudonym, though my usual moniker (nightspore) was taken. If I do end up citing anything of yours, I’ll definitely refer to you as nightwork. Why waste a good pseudonym?


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