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Trailer for Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby:

Admittedly, I’m not in the group who thinks the novel is amazing.  It’s a solid book.  I enjoyed reading it each time. And it is certainly important in the way it depicts the era.  Maybe it’s that I tend to like liking characters too much, which doesn’t mean I identify with them or that they are “good,” but that they are interesting or compelling or novel or something.  None of them in this novel really speak to me in that way.  I’ve never been fully able to explain why.

I am, however, of the belief that I might love a film version with the right actors and direction.  This trailer seems like that very well might be the case.  DiCaprio may be an excellent, compelling Gatsby.  Carey Mulligan, despite being British, will likely make a great Daisy.  The one that stands out as a, um, probably not is Peter Parker Tobey McGuire as Nick Carraway.  Like Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood, this young man brings the baggage of a major, memorable, and recent role with him.  Will we be able to forget that he’s Spiderman?  We’ll see.  I’m hopeful and didn’t love Raimi’s emo-Spiderman all that much anyway.

The sets look amazing.  Capturing the decadent frivolity of the era perfectly.  A+

And I guess 3D must actually be the thing every Hollywood studio will be doing now, because I can’t imagine why one would film a classic novel adaptation like this in it otherwise.  I guess car scenes sort of call for it.  I guess.  I’ve not seen anything in 3D where I was convinced going out that the 3D had improved my viewing experience.   Seemed like a gimmick.

The one thing I found distracting in the trailer was the music.  I have a low tolerance for anachronisms of this sort.  The film better not be full of that kind of thing.  Period music (whether diagetic or non-) would be great, and a score that doesn’t incorporate modern, moody pop/rock/etc., please.

Check out the review of the trailer over at The Literary Man for more insightful commentary (yes, the lack of a comma between “more” and “insightful” is deliberate).