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I haven’t taken much time to write about music recently (or, on this blog, at all).  There are various reasons for this, including: A. my interest in strange, often noisy, and overtly politically-oriented styles of music, and B. my somewhat narrow topic focus here.  But when I heard about the ridiculously prolific, smart, and politically-relevant rapper Sole doing a new studio record (and seeking crowdfunding to get it done right), I figured I should write something up about him and why people should check him out.

Sole was one of the founding members of the collective/label anticon., who I discovered in the early 2000s while living in Oakland/Berkeley.  During that time, around 2001-06, a lot of interesting and great stuff was happening with DIY/indy/underground/whatever hip hop in the Bay Area and elsewhere, and the anticon. collective’s work was one of the several ongoing projects I latched on to.  All of their work, and a lot of underground hip-hop of the time, deviates greatly in style and content from the kind of mainstream crap that most think of when you talk about hip-hop or rap.

Sadly, as with many such things, I kind of let my attention slide when I moved north and started all the things that I’m now occupied with.  Distance from a locale where these things actually happened, plus new priorities led me to let a lot of less-pressing interests wither.  So, I missed out on the news of Sole leaving anticon. or his recent work; until a few months back when someone linked something on some forum or page and I (re-)discovered him via this video: