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I went to a matinee screening of The Dark Knight Rises today, and I wrote up a review of the film that should be published tomorrow.  The whole experience of the film, however, was and is overshadowed by the horrific murders at a screening in Aurora, CO last night.  I have to say, it’s awfully hard to sit and write a relatively meaningless film review in this context, but, honestly, people (myself included) do so all the time if you consider the amount of ongoing tragedy and horribleness in our world.  In one of the best reviews of the film I’ve read (despite some specifics I disagree on), Trash Film Guru writes the kind of thing I wish I had in my own review:

At this point, I wonder if it’s even possible to separate today’s tragic events in Aurora, Colorado from any discussion about The Dark Knight Rises and simply analyze the film based on its own merits. If so, it takes a harder heart than mine, so before we even get started here let me say that my heart goes out to all the victims of this completely senseless tragedy, as well as their families and friends. In the days to come we can analyze the motivations, the warning signs that may or may not have been missed, and debate the proper courses of policy action to take in the wake of this absolutely senseless tragedy, and that’s all well and good — we still, and hopefully always will, live in a free society where the open debate and discussion about how best to address any situation, even and perhaps especially tragic ones like this, is not only absolutely appropriate, it’s absolutely necessary.