Fiction read in 2012

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Comics, Literature
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I compiled this for my own personal record-keeping, but thought I’d share.

I try to read at least one novel or story collection a week, and I aim to write at least a brief review for each (I rarely hit that goal, though, especially with my other reading/writing requirements). I’m probably omitting some books I’ve forgotten from this list because I started compiling it at the end of July,  and I’m not including kids’ books I read with my daughter or scholarly non-fiction/philosophy/etc. only people like me read (each of which would have a separate list if I had time to put it together).  This list is organized in a roughly chronological order of when read.  Books marked with an asterisk were re-reads.


Novels/creative non-fiction/short story collections:

Paul Auster. In the Country of Last Things.

S.A. Bodeen. The Compound.

—. The Gardener.

*Ursula K. Le Guin. A Wizard of Earthsea.

Anna North. America Pacifica.

China Mieville. Embassytown.

—. Looking for Jake (stories).

Kelly Link. Stranger Things Happen (stories).

*Edgar Rice Burroughs. A Princess of Mars. (re-read prior to seeing the mediocre John Carter film)

*Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games.  (re-read all three books around the film release)

*—.  Catching Fire.

*—.  Mockingjay.

Neil Gaiman. The Graveyard Book.

*Paolo Bacigalupi. Shipbreaker. (re-read in anticipation of The Drowned Cities)

—. The Drowned Cities.

Julianna Baggott. Pure.

China Mieville.  Railsea.

Jo Walton.  Among Others.

Christopher Paolini.  Eragon.  (fun but derivative and lacking something I need badly to continue caring about episodic, traditional fantasy; probably will not go further in this series)

*James Dashner. The Maze Runner.

—. The Scorch Trials.

—. The Death Cure.

*Kazuo Ishiguro. Never Let Me Go.

Jon Krakauer. Into the Wild.

E.C. Myers. Fair Coin.

Lois Lowry. Son.

Lissa Price. Starters.

David Mitchell. Cloud Atlas.

*J.R.R. Tokien. The Hobbit.

Jane Rogers. The Testament of Jessie Lamb.

comics collections/graphic novels:

Batman R.I.P.

Batman: Time and the Batman.

Batman: The Black Mirror.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne.

*Moore and Lloyd. V for Vendetta. (for like the 20th time)

Vaughn and Staples. Saga: Volume 1.

  1. sarahsss says:

    I love this idea and this list! Maybe we should resuscitate the Post-45s from afar.

    • nightwork says:

      I’m going to do a better job with it this year. My plan was (and will be going forward) to write some sort of brief review of everything I read and then have a chronological list with links to the reviews for a year-end wrap-up.

      Would definitely be up for a Post-45s online discussion if we can get the crew together.

  2. Josh M says:

    Nice list — I think the only crossover I have from 2012, specifically is “The Hobbit.” I read one of Bacigalupi’s short stories recently, can’t think of the title, but it didn’t really grab me — still, I’ve heard many good things about the novels, so I’m going to give them a shot when I get my hands on one.

    • nightwork says:

      Bacigalupi’s stories are a bit all over the place in terms of who they will interest, I think. His collection, Pump Six, I view as a variety of experiments in world building, character creation, and narrative that was really a kind of proving ground for where he’d go in his novels. A few stories stand out, but it works more as a collection for me. The Wind-up Girl is a great book but not one to just pick up casually. The YA books are where I’d tell people to start.

  3. […] You’ll notice that I noted when things were re-reads. Late in the year I started noting the month they were read. I’ve starred the new ones that I would particularly recommend (in case you were curious). Thanks to Shane for the inspiration last year! […]