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Goodbye, summer.  😦


Not surprising. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid eating this crap because it is in so many things:

Monsanto’s Roundup And Roundup-Resistant Corn Found To Be Toxic In Rats” – Michael Kelley (Business Insider, 9/19/12)

“The first animal feeding trial studying the lifetime effects of exposure to Monsanto Roundup weedkiller and Monsanto’s NK603 Roundup-resistant genetically modified corn found that exposure levels currently considered safe can cause tumors, multiple organ damage and premature death in rats.”

Related: Anna Ghosh at The Food and Water Watch Blog (via Common Dreams)reports on the push to label foods w/ GMO ingredient and big Ag’s well-funded (in part thanks to taxpayer subsidies) counter-attack: Who’s Deceiving Whom?” (9/2o/12).


“Creationists are about to have even more scientific data to ignore,” writes Prachi Gupta in this brief Salon article on a recent experiment where scientists actually watched E. coli develop mutations that allowed for the digestion of previously-indigestible citrate:

In experiment, scientists watched evolution happen: Researchers have documented a step-by-step guide to how organisms evolve – Prachi Gupta (Salon, 9/20/12)


Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary celebration and demos garnered a lot of coverage (and some astroturf counter-protests that were promptly hijacked by counter-counter protesters (see this Gothamist article)).  This RT America interview with the always-insightful Chris Hedges is one of the better items people should check out (about 6 and a half minutes long):


In lighter fare:

There’s a highly depressing and/or funny tumblr on MLA jobs you might want to check out (via universityoflies): MLA Jobs

“Utah State University is hiring a tenure-track professor of rhetoric and composition. Pay will be roughly four-fifths of what you could have gotten 8 years ago with an Accounting BA.”

“The English department at Regional U invites applications for a tenure-track position in the digital humanities. Selected candidate will be responsible for explaining to everyone what “digital humanities” is, and teaching a 4/4 load of composition, literature surveys, and Shakespeare.”


S. Tremaine Nelson over at The Literary Man wrote one of the most entertaining book reviews I’ve ever read (warning: potentially objectionable content):

Carmen Adamucci’s Debut Novel “Corpsefucker” a Regrettable Masterpiece” – S. Tremaine Nelson (The Literary Man, 9/20/12)

““This here book is about happy hoopy poopy times, folks,” announces Corpefucker‘s narrator, a 33-year-old farmer named Jed, before devolving into an opaque, senseless monologue about peaches. If only the prose were clean, artful, or employed even a single metaphor in all of its eye-numbing 1,149 pages, happiness and peach farming might warrant this turbulent exegesis; instead, Corpsefucker reads like the demented rambling of a drunken psychopath. At least, I thought so at first.”

hint: Corpsefucker is not actually a book

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